Legacy Gold Paper

Community Principles

Legacy Leaders are built on the foundation of Accessibility, Education, Innovation, Opportunity and You.

Join us as we empower our communities to become financially literate in the benefits and advantages in real estate investments, establishing multiple pillars of income, and building legacy wealth.
Education must come first before any investment opportunity. This is why we “lead with learning” at Legacy Leaders. Our team see it as our duty to educate others on what we do. Real Estate is a proven vehicle for wealth creation. If you have had a thought, an urge to get into real estate… come learn with us.

Pili and Jason and the rest of the Legacy team have a multitude of IRL business experience which has given them the ability to continually evolve and pivot when needed. Not only does the team have a full range of expertise in real estate, construction, restaurant ownership and management, bartending, farming, art and writing, teaching, beer brewing, gaming, comic-book creation, parenting, and more!

Opportunities and You

This is an opportunity to learn and grow. You are the leader you’ve been searching for. 

- Pili Yarusi

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

The team at Legacy Leaders NFT will further connect the dots between Real Estate Investing and NFTs. This future drop will facilitate membership to a real estate investment fund organized as a legal entity, complying with U.S. Securities law, and offering liability protection for qualified NFT holders.

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